Swivel Store - Allowed account information to be stolen.

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DO NOT BUY Space Saver MERCHANDISE from THE SWIVEL STORE.I ordered the new space savers from the Swivel Store a week or so ago.

The day my order was processed I had three unauthorized charges placed on my account. I called to complain and was told they did not accept complaints over the phone and they were too busy taking orders. I asked repeatedly to speak with a Supervisor and was told they could not speak with me. I was given a PO box to send my written complaint via snail mail.

I just wanted to warn consumers about ordering from them. Apparently they do not do a very good job at maintaining the account numbers from orders securely which allows their employees to "USE" (STEAL) the account numbers of others.

Thus far I have charges totaling $60.00 posted to my account that I did not make.Not to mention the inconvenience of having to file a fraud report with my bank to get my money returned.

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